Maki Okamoto exhibits in Tokyo

CSP 2013
Photo from Creative Spiral Exhibition 2013

Exhibition in Tokyo, ”Creative Spiral Project”

Maki Okamoto will take part in an exhibition in Tokyo. The group exhibition is organized by Tokyo Zokei University, the school where Maki took a BA in sculpture. This exhibition is a part of a project called the “Creative Spiral Project”.

The exhibition runs from 23 November until 2 December 2014, at the Kuwasawa Design School in Shibuya Tokyo, Japan. A symposium will be held the 28th, where Maki will be one of the speakers.

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Extract from the project description:

An artist cannot show her idea to an audience without the use of material. Which material should be used? What tools are needed, and how should the work be constructed? These questions are always a part of the artistic process. Many artists worked with these questions, and developed many different solutions. These solutions have grown to become the variety of artistic techniques we have today.

At this exhibition, we have focused on the relation between techniques and expression. We are showing the work of six artists; Youhei Imamura, Yuichi Enomoto, Maki Okamoto, Yuko Someya, Yuichi Higurashi, Keisuke Yamamoto. (Translation by Maki Okamoto)