Nordic Craft in Paris

”magic language///game of whispers”

Contemporary objects from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden at Revelations – Fine Craft and Creation Fair at Grand Palais in Paris

Maki took part of the exhibition and has been to the vernissage in Paris.
It was an almost surreal feeling, to be in such a fantastic building. There were totally 25 works, 5 works from each Nordic country.
It was a fantastic meeting point for the Nordic artists, curators and people from the different institutions.
Here is a list of curators and artists who shared the exiting event.
Katrine Borup (Denmark), Agnieszka Knap (Sweden), Anna Leoniak (Iceland), Katarina Siltavuori (Finland) and Marianne Zamecznik (Norway)
Kjersti Lande (Norway), Inger Andersson (Sweden), Deepa Panchamia (Finland), Marianne Nielsen (Denmark), Orri and Helga (Iceland), Pernille Mouritzen (Denmark), Camilla Luihn (Norway), Helga Ósk Einarsdóttir (Iceland), Maria Nuutinen (Finnland), Maki Okamoto (Sweden), Studio Hlutagerðin (Iceland), Lea Mi Engholm (Denmark), Saana Murtti (Finnland), Hanne Friis (Norway), Miro Sazdic (Sweden), Sonja Löfgren (Finnland), Janne Krogh Hansen (Denmark), Mia E. Göransson (Sweden), günzler.polmar (Norway), Studio Hanna Whitehead (Iceland), Beatrice Brovia (Sweden), Trine Trier (Denmark), Thorunn Arnadottir (Iceland), Nathalie Lahdenmäki (Finnland), Ingrid Becker (Norway)
Please visit the website for more information about the exhibition.

Stort tack till Konstnärsnämden för stöd att möjliggjorde denna resa till Paris.