The Fork – opening the 7/3 at the Gallery LOD

The Fork, på bilden armé gaffel, svensk standard. Foto Christian Habetzeder.
Army fork, Swedish standard. Photo Christian Habetzeder.

Opening on Saturday 7/3 12:00 to 16:00 at Gallery LOD

 The Fork

– Does the Devil wield a Fork?
– No that’s a trident silly?
– What’s a trident?
– A type of fork.

LOD’s fifteen-year anniversary is all about the fork, and about our relationship with food. For this occasion we have invited all our apprentices, members and exhibitors, who have worked with us in the past, to participate in this joint exhibition.

The fork is a curious everyday item that arrived late in our culinary history, a companion for its predecessor, the spoon. Where did it come from?  Who invented it? Possibly, someone with an itchy body part, unreachable by hand? Or an ogre who bit down on a spoon with his jagged teeth? Or maybe someone who just needed an implement to hold a piece of food while it was cut with a knife in the other hand.

The fork is more than a table to mouth food facilitator. Both seductive and menacing; it has its own particular danger. It has the ability to stab and puncture. It invites participation and never fails to engage.

Even in language the fork is associated with division and union. This juxtaposition is represented in the fork of a river, a tree, or a road. The phrase “to speak with a forked tongue” reveals its allegiance with mendacity and subterfuge. In short the fork is an unsolved mystery, embracing both good and evil.

Please join us, we promise an intriguing, weird and wonderful exhibition that is sure to entertain!

The exhibition runs until the 31 of March 2015.

Participants: Angela Cork (UK) | Annette Zey (DE) | Anna Näs Skoglund | Caroline Thunman | David Taylor | Erik Tidäng | Eva Wistedt | Grant McCaig (Scotland) | Jenni Caldwell | Klara Eriksson | Lena Jerström | Ljudmila Stratimirovic (RS) | Lone Løvschal (DK) | Maki Okamoto | Malin Ohlsson (HK) | Pernilla Sylwan | Petronella Eriksson | Pierce Healy (IE) | Ru Runeberg (FI) | Sidsel Dorph-Jensen (DK) | Simon Westling | Susanne Burelo | Thomas Raschke (DE) | Tobias Birgersson

Slow the F**K down, fork by Sidsel Dorph-Jensen

One of the contributes for the exhibition The Fork, made by Sidsel Dorph-Jensen.
One of the contributes for the exhibition The Fork, made by Sidsel Dorph-Jensen.

 The Fork 7/3 – 31/3 Gallery LOD.

Slow the F**K down!

In our fast moving world where it’s become a symbol a status, strength and admiration to be a fast, efficient and multitasking monster. We cram more and more into our lives – at the expense of appreciating the most important, yet common things. Such as enjoying a meal.

When was the last time you really paid attention to what you were eating? It’s smell, colour, taste and texture? Eating has become a stressful experience for many, something that needs to be over with, so we can get on with more important things. Often food is consumed standing, on the go or whilst otherwise engaged. We tend to forget, the purpose of eating is to keep our body and mind healthy and alive.

It is health that is real wealth, not pieces of gold and silver. Mahatma Gandhi.

In an attempt to honour my own health, I wanted to create a fork that will remind me to slow down while eating and really taste and savour my food.

In order to do so I’ve studied some of the principles of mindful eating, which are said to have a positive effect on your digestion, your waste line and your overall health.

Here are 6 practical mindful guidelines to keep in mind when eating:

  • Sit down
  • Use your finest china & cutlery to make your mealtime feel special
  • Eat with your non-dominant hand
  • Eat smaller bites – use smaller utensils and tableware for smaller portions
  • Eat like a gourmet – smell, taste and savour each bite
  • Slow down – put the fork down between bites

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