Fit for Nothing, David Clarke ställer ut på LOD

Fit for Nothing, tenn av David Clarke.
Fit for Nothing, tenn av David Clarke.

Fit for Nothing – David Clarke

Vernissage 1st October 2016. Open from 12.00 to 16.00 at Gallery LOD, Stockholm.

A ’pick and mix’ of ’odds and sods’ from the last 5 years reveals the curiosity and attitude that Clarke brings to the field of Corpus. Clarke actively plays with the intention of breaking down some of the traditions this craft holds onto by bastardizing materials and flipping function sideways. Currently he is investigating the ancient process of casting and exploring new potential though this process. For Fit For Nothing there will be a mix of one off pieces, limited edition as well as production. Clarke develops a very distinct visual language through a wealth of covetable objects that explore differing emotional content from the down right humorous through to the deeply poignant.

David is one of the strongest metalsmiths currently working and easily the most prominent avant garde figure in the medium in the UK. Through his own studio work, he has mounted a vibrant challenge to settled assumptions about his medium. While he is capable of good craftsmanship, the value of his work is primarily expressive, conceptual and poetic. And because of his rather devilish turn of mind – he has a wicked sense of humor and satire, and an ability to poke holes in inflated values – he has had a dramatic effect in exhibition contexts here. He is like a jester in the court of contemporary craft.

Glenn Adamson, Director of the Museum of Arts & Design. NYC

The exhibition will be open until October 15th, 2016.

Välkommen/Welcome, Gallery LOD

David Clarke

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